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Cam Goater Lab/University of Lethbridge

The university webpage for Dr. Cameron Goaters parasitology lab, the main Dicrocoelium research lab.

Collaborators and Colleagues

Gilleard Lab/University of Calgary

Main collaborator on the Dicrocoelium project,  Dr.Gilleards  parasitology lab uses molecular biology and genetics to study parasitic nematodes, many of which are the most pathogenic parasites of humans and livestock.

Wasmuth Lab/University of Calgary

Fellow parasite researcher and enthusiast, always around to help and comment.  The Wasmuth lab uses the latest and greatest in sequencing technology and bioinformatics to study parasitic worms.

NSERC-CREATE Host Parasite Interactions (HPI) Group

Both the Gilleard and Wasmuth labs are members of this innovative grant group that includes parasite researchers all over Alberta!  The HPI group is dedicated to providing cutting edge training for the researchers of tomorrow, so they may tackle issues involving parasites ranging from access to safe food and water, human and animal health and climate change.


The HPI Parasite Blog

A blog run by the graduate students of the Host Parasite Interactions Group.  All things grad school, parasites and research.

Carl Zimmer

One of my favorite science writers, here is a link to his website.  He writes about all things science but has a fondness for parasites.

Parasite Info

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Parasite Page

A good resource to get basic info on parasites, their life cycles and symptoms.  This is a US government institution and focuses on human medical aspects of parasites.


This really speaks for itself.


Cool Stuff

Wheres My Glasses?

New podcast run by Matt and I plus our friend Steve.  We chat about anything and everything and have a blast doing it.

Meter Room Productions

The designer and chief work horse of the Zombie Ants website.  Run by my friend and bandmate Matt Walkey, Meter Room is involved in web and graphic design, music and video.

The Goodtime Specials

The band that the creators of Zombie Ants play in, not parasite related but super cool.


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